Anne Scott

Artist Bio
Anne is an artist living and working in Pueblo, Colorado. She attained her BFA at Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in sculpture. Her work ranges from unexpected machines to feminine figures in the delicate temper of glass and paper. Using a wide range of media, Anne’s artwork has always been somewhat experimental. She continues to be fascinated with new materials and processes and draws inspiration from personal voyages, found objects, nature, fashion and you humans.

Artist Statement

I create sculpture, often figurative, through a wide range of media. The call to make art began as something subtle and often futile. Much of my work was experimentation in processes and conceptual surveillance. I now realize those trials and attempts were a necessity, a means of gaining patience, experience and a vital understanding of self. My work is often centered on personal excavations of life, love and an increasing fascination of movement, machines and materials. I find communication and expression through texture and shape to be the most satisfying means of delivering concepts and ideas. The materials I am currently exploring are glass, paper and metal along with intriguing found objects. Recently, my work has been embellished machines and glass forms. I plan to continue with these materials as themes develop referencing our expectations of machines and art genres. Abstracted and surreal interpretations will also be on the menu as I aim to express personal voyages and internal landscapes. I am continually inspired by the capacity of positive progress and vital energy found in the human animal. I believe exploring, expressing and exploiting these virtues will lead to a more conscious understanding of such energies and invite individual growth. This is my hopeful hypothesis, to be proven through a journey of visual documentations, exposures of affective personal maps and the cultivation of positive progress.


Anne Scott
Installation at Shoe Factory Group Show
Salida SteamPlant
Sepetember 2014