Danielle Harwell

Artist Statement
BFA CSU-Pueblo

When I was a child, I made a secret garden (it was more like a make shift dome). It was my first exposure to hunting and gathering materials for an idea/ project of that size. I began to put things together with no clear pathway to arrive at the outcome I was dreaming of in my mind. But I poured my whole self into it until the idea became the magical place I had conjured. I think that as a woman I still create for the process of it, and the forces I share through making with my hands carries through and into the work. I want to provide an experience or moment where the imagination can seek something new in the corners of the mind that hasn’t been visited before. I use simple materials to convey often complex ideas. The search for truth, soul displacement, dreams and ghosts are a few of the reflections I draw from.

Installation by Danielle Harwell
Photo by Jeffry Moore