Jeffry Moore [Alumnus]

Artist Statement

Jeffry Moore began his photography journey at the age of 10 while working in a dark room in Pueblo and this experience empowered him to finish high school and want to capture the world with his lens. He went on to finish college studies and after completing his coursework at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, he assisted several photographers in the region. His work out in the field enabled him to understand the variations of photography in the commercial marketplace including still life, fashion, food, portraits, and architecture. In 1989 and with the luck of a one-way ticket to New York, Jeff landed a job as an assistant to Bob Frame who was a main contributor to Harper's Bazaar and held a wide and diverse client list in the fashion industry. In 1998 Jeffry went to work for still life photographer Jay Zukerkorn whose clients included Aveda, Gucci and Shiseido. In 2001 Jeffry found himself in Seattle for two years working on his own brand of photography before taking a hiatus from photography.

After years of working for a variety of clients in places that dot the world's landscape, Jeffry returned to his roots to be with family and to set up a new photography studio in The Shoe Factory. Now Jeffry has been shooting for new clients and while and sitting down to archive his past work, he is creating new images with a fresh mind.

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