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The Shoe Factory | BIG GIVE CAMPAIGN

posted Dec 7, 2014, 11:46 AM by Gregory Howell   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 11:47 AM ]

Pueblo. For Life.

Thanks to you, our children in Pueblo are again receiving an arts curriculum in our public elementary schools.

The Shoe Factory mission is to give back to the community through our innovative K-12 Arts Education Program in local elementary schools in Pueblo. This unique program was started in early 2014 at Morton Elementary School with 81 students and the 2014-2015 term has been expanded to include Minnequa Elementary --- now we have over 400 children experiencing the transformative power of art in the classroom.

Our Urban Laboratory Project will focus on the Pueblo ARTery in 2015 which is now sanctioned by the American Heart Association as a National Walking 

Path. Our goal is to utilize existing infrastructure to connect the arts with local businesses in an effort to foster and strengthen local placemaking. Come experience downtown Pueblo again for the first time. Our DBA (Doing Business as an Artist /Creative) Education Program is a specialized training and mentorship program that aims to give creatives the skill sets necessary to open a small business in the Creative Corridor of Pueblo.

We are very excited to announce a new outreach program into the Culinary Arts where we will focus on sustainable, organic farming and open up access to healthy ingredients and prepared foods at our new restaurant which is scheduled to open in Spring 2015. As part of this effort we also plan to introduce Heroes Gardens at our elementary schools in Pueblo. It is important to begin a dialog with our children and talk about water and sustainability.

K-12 Arts
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Urban Laboratory
Pueblo ARTery
Culinary Arts

Programs at The Shoe Factory are designed to support artists, the creative process, and the development of new ideas and new work. These programs provide opportunities for research, experimentation, professional development, and peer-to-peer exchange and ultimately aim to foster creative breakthroughs and new modes of working and thinking.

To learn more about the Shoe Factory and how you can help make an impact on the lives of our Youth and Creatives, please visit our website at Your donation makes a difference to our local creative economy!  Thank you for your support.  Every dollar we receive goes to changing lives in Pueblo. For Life.  No gift is too small and we make every effort to maximize your investment in our organization.

To give online, click here:  


Gregory Howell | Executive Director

December 8, 2014