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Arts in Business

Unlocking creative genius is key to economic growth
Artful Reflection

The Shoe Factory will embark on a series of art based activities for business including:
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Storytelling
  • Theater improvisation
  • Photography
  • Poetry
This series will be used strategically in a business development model in an effort to build trust, find shared values and shift perceptions. 
Art is an Invitation to Have a Conversation

Business has much to learn from the arts...Studying the arts can help business people communicate more eloquently...Studying the arts can also help companies learn how to manage bright people...Studying the art world might even hold the biggest prize of all - helping business become more innovative. Companies are scouring the world for new ideas. In their quest for creativity, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries. 

Schumpeter on arts based learning in "The Art of Management" The Economist February 2011