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Business Support


The Shoe Factory also relies on the support of businesses to keep things going. We have a flexible Sponsorship program which ranges from a cost of $100-$10,000 yearly. Sponsorship benefits include VIP passes, ads, logo placement, banners and so on. We are always looking for more Exhibition Sponsors (we'€™d like to see a sponsor's logo next to every exhibition,€” it'€™s affordable, it's good exposure for your business, and for us, it can make a huge difference!). We are also looking for sponsors for the Harvest Festival,€” our annual street art festival showcasing the convergence of street art and fine art by bringing world class artists to Pueblo. You could also choose to sponsor an entire Exhibition Series (one season); or sponsor our one of our two visual arts galleries. Call us and we will gladly find a program to suit your needs.


The Shoe Factory has two highly visible and respected advertising vehicles. The first is the Shoe Factory Newsletter, which will be published and distributed to more than 7,500 people three times a year. The second is the The Shoe Factory Exhibition Program which is distributed to audiences throughout Pueblo and Southern Colorado. Advertising rates start at only $125.