Urban Laboratory

Community Collaboration and Place-Making

Pueblo ARTery

The Urban Laboratory is a unique platform in Pueblo where Shoe Factory artists partner and collaborate with a diverse group of citizens, businesses, groups and organizations, and political leaders to address the needs of the fabric of the downtown section of our community.

The Urban Laboratory provides deep, media-rich data about the city in which we live, as well as a new synthesis about the meaning of that data. As a place where new ideas and work are created, the Urban Laboratory Lab also echoes the ongoing creative processes that are at the heart of the Shoe Factory's artist residency program.

Our focus at the Urban Laboratory is to investigate the potential of the everyday as a catalyst for increased connectivity and collaboration in our downtown area by sharing common goals and objectives. The artists and community participants explore the human experience, such as the things that people always do, and we strive to highlight the seemingly normal as a means of questioning its stability. Our primary in the Urban Laboratory is people, and we utilize performance as a metric to evaluate the successful function of interaction and engagement – person to person, and between people and their surroundings – rather than a spectacle for passive enjoyment.

The Urban Laboratory is an annual project which aims to create connectivity through place-making. The designated 2015 project is the Pueblo ARTery.